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Brian Lloyd

Segmental Retaining Wall Unit Properties


Is there a standard that defines the minimum properties segmental retaining wall units must attain? What properties are defined and not defined?


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ASTM C1372, Standard Specification for Dry-Cast Segmental Retaining Wall Units, is the governing ASTM standard that all SRW manufacturers must ensure their segmental retaining wall products meet if their units are to be used in any application (non-structural or structural).   ASTM C1372 is described in further detail in TEK Note 2-4C (see attached). 

ASTM standards contain the absolute minimum requirements a product must attain to achieve the necessary properties for quality performance.  The properties defined in these standards include compressive strength, absorption, density classification, permissible variations in dimensions, and finish/appearance criteria.  The standards do not define the color or texture of the unit as these are defined by the purchaser.

For application with potential for freeze thaw damage and deicing salts, ASTM C1372 recommends testing in water following ASTM C1262. THE SRW Bets Practices Guide gets into the details of exposure and project location for the commercial and transportation applications.


TEK 02-04C.pdf

NCMA SRW Best Practices 2016-Final-3-31-16 (8.5x11) (1).pdf

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