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Craig Schriner

Uploading Photos to the Gallery


I have photos of concrete masonry products being installed that I would like to share with the forum.  How can I do this?

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If you would like to upload a photo of a concrete masonry product, please visit the gallery page (click here) and select the "Add Images" button on the right side of the screen.


Once selected, a pop up window titled "Select Category" will appear.  Here the user can select which album they wish the photo(s) to be added to.  If the user believes an applicable album is not available to them for their photos, please send the Administrator a message via the Support Tab (click here).  After the applicable album has been selected, a check mark will appear next to the title and the "Upload Images" window will appear. 


In the "Upload Images" window, as shown below, the user can drag and drop the image(s) they wish to upload in the dashed area.  The dashed area will become shaded when a image is in the upload zone.  This shading signifies to the user that they can let go of the mouse and the image will automatically begin uploading.  The window has the capability to upload multiple images at once; however, depending on the size of the images, this could take longer than uploading each image individually into the provided window.



Once the appropriate images have been uploaded to the window, click on the "Continue" button located on the bottom right corner of the window.


After clicking on the "Continue" button, the "Add Information" window will appear.  Here the user can add a title, tag, and description for each individual image he/she uploads, as shown below via Arrows #1, #2, and #3.  Additionally, the user can add copyright and credits for each individual image.  The user can enter this information individually by using the buttons highlighted via Arrow #4a,  However, if the uploaded images all have the same copyright and/or photographer, the user can use the buttons highlighted via Arrow #4b to save time.  Once the information for the images has been properly entered, select the "Finish Editing Images" button for the images to be uploaded to the selected album.


All images uploaded to the Gallery, must be reviewed by NCMA before they will be officially posted for other users to see.  As shown below, a purple advisory icon will appear below the image's title.  This signifies that the image is under review by NCMA and no one else can see the image.  When this icon is removed, then all users have the ability to see the image.


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