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Craig Schriner

Notifications and Notification Frequency


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The user has the option to follow a forum, a sub forum, or even a specific question at their discretion.  On any page of the aforementioned three, there is a  “Follow” button located on the screen, typically on the right side of the screen. Simply click the button and a drop down menu will appear.  In addition, if you wish to see who else is following this item, the user can click on the number in the box to the right of the “Follow” button and a pop up menu will appear on the screen with a list of all of the users following the item.


In this drop down menu, the user can select how frequently they wish to be notified about the topic/forum they are following.  It is important to note that a user can only follow an item if they are signed into the forum.


The user also has the ability to determine how they are notified for certain events by visiting the Notification Settings located under the Account Settings.



Here the user can select additional ways they can follow items such as enabling the function to automatically follow anything the user posts or replies to as well as the user can determine how they are notified for certain events whether it is a notification on the site each time the user logs in or an email sent to the user’s sign in email on an immediate, daily, or weekly cycle.



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