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Craig Schriner

How can I post a question?


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Under the forums tab, select the desired forum.  Once on the forum page, determine if the question to be asked should be posted on the current page or under an existing sub forum.  If the question belongs on a sub forum page, then click on the title of the sub forum to be directed to that page.  [Please note the following steps are exactly the same whether a question is posted on the forum page or on a sub forum page.]

Once the desired page has been navigated to, click on the “Ask a question” button on the screen, as shown on the screen shot below.


The button will then direct you to the “Ask New Question” page for the specified forum or sub forum.  Here you must enter a title and question before the “Submit Question” button can be clicked.  Tags (or keywords) can be added at the user’s discretion.  We encourage the use of tags as it makes it easier to search for other conversations via the search bar by using the tag words in the search key.



In addition to text, attachments such as pictures, word documents, excel spreadsheets, videos, etc. can be added to a question by dragging files into the highlighted box or clicking on the “Choose files” link highlighted below.



After entering the title, body, tags (if applicable), and attachments (if applicable) be sure to click on the “Notify me of replies” button to receive notifications via the website and email when a response has been posted to the question. (The email notification frequency can be adjusted on a user by user basis.  This is discussed here.)  A check mark should appear next to the “Notify me of replies” in order to determine if it is active.


For instructions on a shortcut to post questions, please click here

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