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  1. Is there a standard that defines the minimum properties segmental retaining wall units must attain? What properties are defined and not defined?
  2. How do I measure the dimensional tolerance of a split face unit?
  3. What are the different parts of a CMU?
  4. When lap splicing reinforcement, is it required to tie the reinforcing bars together (as shown below)?
  5. What is the difference between Type M, S, and N mortar?
  6. When must rebar be placed in a CMU wall?
  7. What is the difference between high lift and low lift grouting, and which is best to use?
  8. What is the difference between a grout pour and a grout lift?
  9. Do I need to consolidate grout when grouting a concrete masonry wall?
  10. Is adding more geosynthetic reinforcement than shown on project plans detrimental to an SRW system?
  11. What is the maximum height of the backfill that can be placed at one time?
  12. What soil type(s) is recommended for the reinforced fill on an SRW?
  13. What is an ACB?
  14. When was the Installation Guide for manufactured stone first published?
  15. What are the industry recommendations for the installation of manufactured stone veneer?