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  1. Is a 6" block back up wall suitable for 2 stories of a CMU cavity wall with around 4" of rigid insulation? Are there any special considerations?
  2. How can we measure the durability of Concrete Masonry, and what are the factors that contribute to the longevity of Concrete Masonry systems?
  3. Do the recommendations for clay brick veneer shelf angles apply to concrete masonry anchored veneers?
  4. Are the control joint recommendations the same for a single wythe, fully grouted barrier wall, as they are for other CMU wall systems? Would the control joints themselves be different?
  5. Do units cut on site with a wet saw need to be dried out before installation?
  6. In a northern climate, for an integrally insulated, fully grouted, single wythe wall, would the location of the dew point throughout the year be a factor in keeping the building leak-free? The air barrier requirement would be covered by the fully grouting, but would this assembly also need a vapor barrier?
  7. What is the best way to enter CMU into Comcheck?