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  1. I am having a heated argument with the G.C. on a project we are supplying the reinforcing on, In the General notes under Concrete Masonry. FILLED CELLS SHALL BE FILLED WITH 3000 psi GROUT AS PER ACI 530-11 AND ACI 530.1-11. FILLING OF CELLS SHALL BE DONE IN MAX. FOUR FOOT LIFTS WITH A MAXIMUM POUR OF 12 FEET. USE MECHANICAL VIBRATION TO ACHIEVE GROUT FILLED CELLS. Now our contention is that this would be considered "low lift grouting" and the reinforcing bars would be 4 feet + the required lap, the bars should not go from floor to floor + a lap as the G.C. contends that they should, in all the years I have in the reinforced concrete area low "lifts" are done in this way. What is your take on this?