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  1. Interesting to know that there are no expectations on the absorption in the cultured stone. I suppose sealing must be included in the installation?
  2. What is the water absorption rate that is acceptable in the spec? How do you achieve it with such porous materials like those used in the thin set veneer? It has been my experience that it is difficult to have low water absorption and relative low PSI material as you call out in the ASTM spec mentioned here. It may be considered a secrete formulation but i am curious what additives you are using to get both light weight and lower your water absorption.
  3. I am a manufacturer of cast stone, I am interested in feed back on the prospects of designing a thin light weight cast stone trim for accents around doors and windows that would fit the pounds per square ft requirement to apply same the veneer stone is done? Too in the event the mix design cannot be made light enough because it becomes too thick for the sq ft area of contact, would there be a market for it if it were installed mechanically through the scratch coat? Bottom line is there a demand for the trim on the thin veneer?