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  3. I'm not sure this is the right forum for this kind of question, but I'm wondering if there are any manufacturers using a high pressure, water washout for their mixer? In particular, we have an 80 cu ft Besser ribbon-style mixer, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried a high pressure washout with this kind of mixer with any success or if you have any comments?
  4. I am having a heated argument with the G.C. on a project we are supplying the reinforcing on, In the General notes under Concrete Masonry. FILLED CELLS SHALL BE FILLED WITH 3000 psi GROUT AS PER ACI 530-11 AND ACI 530.1-11. FILLING OF CELLS SHALL BE DONE IN MAX. FOUR FOOT LIFTS WITH A MAXIMUM POUR OF 12 FEET. USE MECHANICAL VIBRATION TO ACHIEVE GROUT FILLED CELLS. Now our contention is that this would be considered "low lift grouting" and the reinforcing bars would be 4 feet + the required lap, the bars should not go from floor to floor + a lap as the G.C. contends that they should, in all the years I have in the reinforced concrete area low "lifts" are done in this way. What is your take on this?
  5. I'm often asked if it feasible to grout 4 inch (100 mm) concrete masonry units. To which I reply "No"...or possibly "Good Luck". While there is no code prohibition on grouting hollow 4 inch CMU, the size of the cells makes doing so pretty impractical - especially if reinforcement is present. The primary reason is illustrated in the accompanying photos showing a 4 inch CMU from the top of the unit (as made) and the same unit from the bottom (as made). While the width of the cells at the top of the unit could lead one to believe grouting is possible, due to the tamper of the cells opening width transitions from about 1.5 inches to around 0.75 inches. Is it impossible to fill these hollow 4 inch units with grout - no. But if a solid 4 inch unit is needed for whatever reason(s), it's easier, faster, and less expensive to simply specify a solid 4 inch unit.
  6. What is the difference between high lift and low lift grouting, and which is best to use?
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